Education on avoiding malware is important

Ransomware warning: Attacks are rising, and they'll keep coming if victims keep paying. A joint alert by cybersecurity agencies warns about the increasing damage done by ransomware attacks - and offers advice on how to counter the threat.

650 software engineers needed in Malaga

"It will bring disruptive innovation back to the network," - cite. - #OpenRAN R&D centre in #Malaga - the first dedicated to advancing OpenRAN #chip architecture - will bring 50 people dedicated to OpenRAN together with 650 software engineers, architects and technicians in the Spanish city, where #Vodafone is investing…

Fighting to Keep Employees?

The poll of just over 2,000 employees at medium to large U.S. companies confirmed that more than half (54 percent) of those surveyed are looking to change jobs. Suggestions; three best practices: 1) Make a growth plan. 2) Check in. 3) Celebrate wins. Cite: "it's even more important now for…

Importance of security rises

Close to being more important to check the security skills of your next employee, than the really needed skills. - Any upgrade in security skills are urgent, if you intend to use electronic equipment for your business or governmental activities.